16 July 2008

Rick Siegel - 911 Eyewitness from Hoboken - Extraordinary - You may have never seen these pictures before.

I don't know that I can do much better than the description on Google Video: "This documentary shows the evidence for explosives in the WTC buildings that any rational person cannot deny. Explosives in the buildings are now established fact. The physical evidence is undeniable. The who, when, and why of the explosives will need to be determined by an official investigation, but the evidence of the explosives is now beyond question. Buy the DVD at http://911eyewitness.com/shop-categories.html"

Okay, maybe I'll add a bit (this passage inspired me): It is not possible, based on tangible, physically apprehend-able evidence, that the World Trade Center's twin towers fell because one airplane ran into each of them. It is physically impossible. Impossible! I know that may be hard to believe for many, it was difficult for me, as well, to shake myself loose from the propaganda enough to believe my own eyes. Based on what I know of physics and engineering, and what I take to be knowledge from others who have demonstrated their expertise and rationality to me, the most common (simplest technology) that could be used to accomplish this is a combination of missles or bombs (for the initial "bang" that entranced us), and traditional controlled demolition via carefully placed and timed explosives (for the 16-second fall-into-the-footprint-and-rise-into-the-sky obliteration). That does not mean that is what definitely happened. It is far easier to ascertain what is a lie, than to ascertain what is the truth. The story the government is telling (in the 9/11 Commission Report and other public statements) is definitely a LIE. How?!? Why?!??!? That, my dear friends, is the question. Thank you Rick Siegal.

For information about how long the towers took to be destroyed I highly recommend this site: http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/analysis/collapses/freefall.html. But do check around everywhere, and I think you'll find your other resources essentially agree with this one, as well.

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