16 July 2008

Oh! Sweet Humanity! You must listen to BEIRUT (the band).

I thought I would be contemplating the world political situation, per usual this evening, but I have been absolutely overtaken by this absolutely phenomenal music. No superlative can describe it. Rarely do I say things like "one must," but this, in my opinion, is a MUST!

The young man who has initiated this music, Zach Condon, and his fellow musicians, have created music that I would call both: A) true world fusion music, and B) absolutely individual. Other members of the band (according to Wikipedia) are: Perri Cloutier, Hari Ziznewski, Jason Poranski, Nick Petree, Kristin Ferebee, Paul Collins, Jon Natchez, Kelly Pratt, and Tracy Pratt. I would have never thought such music were possible until I listened to it. The lead singer has a voice comparable to both Thomas Yorke of Radiohead, and Jim Morrison of The Doors. And the instrumental influences are equally if not more amazing in their diversity and depth; Italian wedding songs, Spanish flamenco-style music, Mexican mariachi bands, Dmitri Shostakovich, something that sounds Slavic but I am ignorant to understanding it, are all a part of this music...and so much more. I cannot believe my ears. Listen!

The two albums of their with which I am familiar (since 6:45 pm this evening), are: The Flying Club Cup (2007), and Gulag Orkestar (2008). There may be others but I don't know of them. Again, I appeal to your ears...Listen!

You may visit Beirut's website here (and I cannot recommend more highly purchasing their music to hear the whole shebang):

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