28 July 2008

The Reality of Big Brother - Must Watch! - 6 July 2008 presentation by David Icke

The video below gets about the highest recommendation I could possibly give. In this presentation David Icke gives his answers to, "Who is Big Brother?" and "What is Big Brother up to?"--very fitting questions given the state of states in this world. A man who has written many books, he can of course in no way communicate the whole of his research or worldview in a single presentation, but it seems like he's giving it a shot in this one. In this video you'll find a broad-ranging talk that places his thinking, very appropriately, into the context of current British, American, and ultimately, world governance.

Among numerous other well-presented topics, his explanation of the ABSURDITY OF THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM is particularly superb. As I can well sympathize, one meets oneself going Right while heading towards the Left. The battle of the Democrats and the Republicans is a farce, a "movie" as Icke would call it, that merely distracts us from that which is significant. Stop talking about McCain! Stop talking about Obama! The two parties are "masks on the same face" (see picture above, a slide from Icke's presentation). As Icke suggests, perhaps what we need is change in consciousness, an increase in our understanding of what is possible...and a steadfast noncooperation with our own enslavement. "The power they have is the power we give them to enslave us." Watching beginning to end is highly recommended, then please! pass it along.

David Icke's "Big Brother, the Big Picture," 174 minutes (6 July 2008):

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr., quoted in David Icke's Big Brother talk.

Want more David Icke? He was on Alex Jone's radio show just 3 days earlier (3 July 2008):

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