10 July 2008

Larry McDonald debates one world government on Crossfire with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden (spring of 1983)

Larry McDonald debating (against) one world government on Crossfire with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden in the spring of 1983. Topics include the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). McDonald was a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the seventh congressional district of Georgia as a Democrat from January 3, 1975 until his disappearance on September 1, 1983.

In this episode of Crossfire, McDonald is primarily questioned in light of his recently assumed role as the Chairman of the “ultraconservative”* John Birch Society, an organization founded in 1958 which is still in existence today. (Their website may be found at: http://www.jbs.org.) McDonald makes the argument that organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and CFR have as their goal the “dissolution of national sovereignty on the way to world government.” Interestingly, one of the men interviewing him, Tom Braden, is a member of one of the very organizations that McDonald claims is trying to create one world government: the CFR. Watch as Braden is first taken aback, and then becomes curious about McDonald’s assertions. And Mr. Buchanan is his usual, charming self also. A great discussion.

* Left – Right, Liberal – Conservative designations in politics are total bullshit (i.e. highly propagandistic), and this is a perfect example…an “ultraconservative” Democrat in the 1980s. It’s much easier to understand what politicians are talking about if one forgets about the labels that they try to give themselves. And if you find yourself arguing with anyone about whether to vote for Obama or for McCain, JUST STOP! It is a futile endeavor, at least choose persons who are distinguishable from one another to discuss.

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