13 July 2008

McCain or Obama likely would sell United States to global corporate interest groups

See especially t=3:38-5:54. The rest is clips from the great film Zeitgeist (Click here to watch Zeitgeist):

The individual who posted this video titled it, "Obama & McCain are traitors like Bush! JOIN LIBERTY CAMPAIGN." I'm not sure whether either Barack Obama or John McCain have already committed treason from what is in this video, but I do think that either one of them, like Bush, will commit treason with regards to this issue if he becomes President, based upon what each of them has said that he will do. I likewise agree with the video title's sentiment calling out for people to join the Campaign for Liberty (Campaign for Liberty website).

But there is something else that is particularly astonishing in this video. It is the clip of John McCain and the clip of Barack Obama (located at 3:38-4:15 and 4:25-5:54 respectively) in which each speaks to the issue of the political and economic integration of North America. I agree with (what I surmise to be) the thesis of the creator of this video, that both NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), and the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership, formed by the leaders of Canada, the US and Mexico), are clearly aiming towards the European Union-style integration of the (formerly) sovereign states of North America. These two clips demonstrate that both of the leading candidates for President of the United States are clearly either ill-informed and/or being intentionally evasive about their plans with regards to what may be called the North American Union. The sovereignty of the United States is already being dissolved by the working groups of the SPP (click on their logo below to check out what they have to say about themselves), as they moderate among the laws of each nation to make them compatible.

The new Union is already underway, and unless a presidential candidate specifically condemns this process, we can be assured that he will not try to stop it, and that he is therefore not on the side of the people; he is on the side of corporate-driven globalization. McCain says he's all for it; Obama stutters and makes a joke, and even makes light of the influences of the incredibly powerful Council on Foreign Relations. Neither man will do this country any good.

Go to the SPP website and see if you can figure out what they're up to:

Once you've taken a gander at that, consider the Campaign For Liberty as a revolutionary strategy to stop them:

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