29 July 2008

9/11 Truth Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern fears We Did 9/11 To Ourselves

Jesse Ventura states on Howard Stern's radio show that he does not believe Bush administration’s official story about September 11, 2001. The 9/11 Commission Report does not make sense. He fears that we did it to ourselves. Mr. Ventura's has a new book out called Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!

Jesse Ventura fears We Did 9/11 To Ourselves

Jesse Ventura: We Did 9/11 To Ourselves

Thank you: Disclose.tv

Link to preview of Mr. Ventura's new book on Amazon
Personally I advocate visiting your local bookstore rather than buying from the megasellers, but I do thank Amazon for their nice full-color previews of books with excerpts.

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