19 July 2008

Our Own Private Bin Laden - a Samira Goetschel film

Very interesting film by Samira Goetschel, a native of Iran who immigrated to the United Stated after the 1979 revolution in Iran. She is now a native of New York City, whose experience, she says, of the changes in this nation after 9/11/01 drove her to investigate into the larger picture of relations between the United States and the nations of the middle east. Interviews and pictorial evidence abound in her inquisitive research. (Sorry for the 6-part split, it's well worth the extra clicking.

Here is a description from YouTube user "historywillabsolve":
"Our Own Private Bin Laden highlights the historical background that led to the fatal link between post-Cold War politics and the emergence of new forms of terrorism that succeeded in establishing their own economy. It traces the connection between privatization, deregulation and free market and the globalization of terrorism. The film examines the complicity between economic structures of "terror" and "the war on terror," their interdependencies, and the creation of the Bin Laden industry as a consequence. The film explains why the world after September 11, 2001 is less the result of a stray act of terror but the consequence of a series of fatal decisions made from 1945 onwards."

Our Own Private Bin Laden - 1/6:

Our Own Private Bin Laden - 2/6:

Our Own Private Bin Laden - 3/6:

Our Own Private Bin Laden - 4/6:

Our Own Private Bin Laden - 5/6:

Our Own Private Bin Laden - 6/6

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