20 July 2008

Considering Bob Barr, Libertarian for President of the united states of America

Bob Barr discusses his campaign for the Presidency on CSPAN’s Road to the White House (14 July 2008):

The downs of Bob Barr (from what I know so far, just getting to know of him):
1. He’s not Ron Paul.
2. He voted in favor the rights-stripping USA Patriot Act and other un-Freeing legislation, so his full awakening to the coup-like changes in our country must be recent, but from what I can tell so far, he seems to be waking up now, and that’s heading in the right direction…

The ups of Bob Barr (from what I know so far, again, just getting to know of him):
1. The states that the core of his platform is individual liberty, individual responsibility, and small government.
2. He understands the economic necessity of keeping taxation low.
3. He is operating outside of the dogmatic, 2-party system which does not offer voters significant choices.
4. He says that his first action as President would be to let congress know that he will veto any budget presented to him that has a deficit.
5. His parting words on this CSPAN interview were clear and adamant. Bob Barr knows that the government is way too big and that it is taking our freedoms away, and he is not OK with it.

The question of Bob Barr:
I have no firm position on him at this point, because I don’t know as much as I would like to before coming to any kind of meaning determination. Since January my mind has been set on Ron Paul, so it has only been since his resignation from his presidential campaign (and subsequent launch of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty) that I have given a second thought about who I might vote in favor of for President. Had I not become familiar with Ron Paul’s campaign, I likely would have voted in my local elections this November, but would have left the ovals next to the presidential nominees blank. But now that I’ve looked around a bit, Barr is certainly on my list of people full of possibility.

McBama's March to War, clever and pointed political short produced by ad produced by Bob Barr supporter:

Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr represented the 7th District of Georgia in the US House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003. His vice presidential running mate is Wayne Root. One last FYI: Ron Paul was the Libertarian candidate for President in 1988.


  1. Are Bob Barr and Pual thinking about teaming up? I think they should. You can sign the petition at


    or you can go to this site and participate in the polls and sign the petition


    the movement is growing, PUT PAUL ON THE TICKET!!! SAVE THE COUNTRY!!! YEAHH

  2. Thanks for the link. A Bob Barr Ron Paul duo would do it for me! I hadn't heard about those petitions, although there are certainly a lot of Ron Paul advocates that are going to be voting for Barr. But alas, it is going to take even more than just a new president to save this country the fate of every empire... How about a new Congress (minus the brave few), a new Supreme Court, and new leaders of industry? Can't I dream?!?