20 July 2008

House Telecommunications Subcommittee hearing on the Digital TV Transition (11 June 2008)

Why is the government mandating technology standards? It is incomprehensible. I have not researched into this subject much… yet, but I was first suspicious when I realized that everyone and their brother were asking me if I had ordered my digital converter coupon yet. Why would so many people be concerned about whether or not I was going to be able to watch network television? And why, as I said above, would the Congress be directing private companies in what kinds of goods and services they provide in the first place? Watching this hearing gave me some ideas as to why my hesitations about this "congressional mandate" are likely well-founded. Two problems: 1) This appears a congressional mandate granting oligopoly, since just a few privileged companies appear to have been not only involved in the development of the congressional mandate, but are also (in a clear conflict of interest), the only companies which are also the suppliers of the technology, and 2) I’m hearing language like “V-chip standards” and “emergency communications”… these are cover stories that can only lead to more censorship and government control (or rather, cooperation with) mega-media interests.

House Telecommunications Subcommittee hearing on the Digital TV Transition (11 June 2008):

PS: Be sure also to notice how most of the speakers in this hearing use a language indistinguishable from what one would expect to hear in a corporate boardroom, whether they are corporate spokespersons or government spokespersons. "Customer service" is used to describe the relationship between the government and the rest of the people of this nation; "focus groups" are used to determine whether or not the American people are sufficiently "educated" about the program; and on and on and on.

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