17 July 2008

Martial Law in Miami - May 2003 (just a taste...)

The Miami Model - Documentary on FTAA Police State Brutality:

"More cops than you can believe." That is, a legion of riot police equipped with batons, tasers, rubber bullets, and of course, real guns, patrolling Miami military-style in protecting the members and interests of the FTAA. If you think the lock down is not getting close, watch this and perhaps you'll reconsider that opinion. Martial law is being employed throughout the US, regularly. And it subsequently is also being covered up and even directly lied about in virtually all mainstream media. They manage the images, their reporters are forever "embedding" themselves with government, military and police entities...they ignore...and they LIE. In this film you'll see the un-embedded side of the story. It may be familiar to you if you've watched some of the coverage provided by the protesters during the WTO (World Trade Organization) ministerial meeting in Seattle in November of 1999.

Description from Google Video: "Martial Law was declared in downtown Miami in November of 2003 to provide security for the FTAA Economic Summit. Blatant and unashamed police brutality is caught on film. The US Federal government granted the State of Florida $8.5 million dollars from the $87 billion allotted to Congress to fight the "War on Terror," in order to provide "security" for the FTAA summit. Tazers and "non-lethal" weaponry was pilot tested at this event with little to no instruction on proper handling of the equipment or restrictions on use. This film serves as an example of how the war on terror is nothing more than a war on the American citizenry, and is meant as a war on dissent. If you interested in resisting the New World Order, especially if you are in South Florida, join us at the Resistance Arsenal. http://www.resistancearsenal.com"

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