13 July 2008

BBC Two's documentary "The Trap" by Adam Curtis - three ~1 hr. parts

The Trap - 1 - F*k You Buddy (BBC Two / Adam Curtis):

The Trap - 2 - The Lonely Robot (BBC Two / Adam Curtis):

The Trap - 3 - We Will Force U 2 Be Free (BBC Two / Adam Curtis):

Another film by BBC documentarian Adam Curtis. While I prefer The Power of Nightmares and The Century of the Self (see page of all Adam Curtis documentaries), this one is well worth watching too. I find his interpretation of Friedrich von Hayek's philosophy and other free market philosophies (though not necessarily their uses by wealthy politicos) to be dubious, but nonetheless Curtis, as always, throws all kinds of opinions into the mix. I especially recommend the discussion of psychiatry and the "normalization" of society, in particular the interviews with psychiatrists Paul McHugh and Jerome Walkfield.

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