07 January 2009

WORLD DENOUNCES GAZA SIEGE Yemeni Jewish community people condemn atrocities on Gaza [news story]

Excerpt: AMRAN, Jan.06 (Saba) - The people of Jewish community in Kharef and Redah provinces condemned on Tuesday all the atrocities and murders on Palestinian people in Gaza Strip. Yemeni Jewish community people, numbering about 180 people, declared in a statement to Saba that the work of Israel's genocide and abuse in addition to the killing of innocent children and women is a crime against humanity and rejected by all religions. The massacres and genocide carried out by the Israeli forces in Gaza strips are brutal and horrible, they added.
Article: "Jewish community people condemn atrocities on Gaza"
Source: SabaNews.net
Link to Full Story: http://www.sabanews.net/en/news173131.htm

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