07 January 2009

WORLD DENOUNCES GAZA SIEGE S. Africa's ruling party condemns Israel's Gaza offensive [news story]

Excerpt: South Africa's ruling party on Tuesday condemned Israel's "horrendous attacks" in the Gaza Strip, saying that collective punishment of Palestinians would not solve the region's crisis. "The ANC (African National Congress) is unambiguous in condemning the horrendous attacks that are currently taking place in Gaza," the party said in a statement. "Collective punishment is not going to resolve the enmity between Palestine and Israel; what will move the peace process forward is addressing the root cause of the conflict," it said. "Israel is in violation of international laws governing retaliatory engagements and is creating a deep humanitarian crisis," the party added.
Article: "S. Africa's ruling party condemns Israel's Gaza offensive"
Source: AfricaAsia.com
Link to Full Story: http://www.africasia.com/services/news/newsitem.php?area=africa&item=090106144126.x1jxv4kp.php

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