15 January 2009

WORLD DENOUNCES GAZA SIEGE France blasts Israel for targeting civilians [news story]

Article: "France blasts Israel for targeting civilians"
Source: Press TV
Excerpt(s): France hammers Israel for its bombardment of civilian targets in Gaza after a building owned by the UN relief agency came under fire. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday issued strong condemnation of Tel Aviv over its targeting of several hospitals, a UN compound and a media building in the Gaza Strip, AFP reported. The comments come on the 20th day of the Tel Aviv offensive into the coastal sliver. So far at least 1,100 Palestinians have been killed and around 4,700 others have been wounded, according to medics. Israel says it began the raids to stop Hamas rocket attacks on southern Israel. Civilians, however, have suffered the brunt of the attacks. Hamas, the democratically-elected ruler of the coastal sliver, demands a cessation of an 18-month Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip before its fighters suspend the rocket attacks. While the strip has been denied electricity and drinking water supplies as a result of the blockade, Israeli naval forces have been intercepting humanitarian aid vessels to the area.
Link to Full Story: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail.aspx?id=82420&sectionid=351020202
Picture from Press TV, originally captioned: Israeli soldiers preparing to lead tanks into Gaza

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