15 January 2009

SIGNS OF OUR TIME Investment demand for physical gold surges 121% in 3rd quarter 08 [news story]

Article: "Gold Rush: Buying the Real Thing"
Source: Barron's
Excerpt(s): INVESTORS ARE TAKING A CUE FROM THE RAPPERS and adding more bling to their lives -- not to hang around their necks, but to stash away in safes. Physical gold is hot. Not gold stocks or ETFs, but the glittering stuff itself. You'll read about it in our write-up of the latest Barron's Roundtable, and the numbers are irrefutable. London-based World Gold Council said investment demand for gold, mainly bars and coins, surged 121% in the third quarter as investors rushed to safety.
Link to Full Story: http://online.barrons.com/article/SB123154459401969559.html
Picture from Barron's

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