15 January 2009

WORLD DENOUNCES GAZA SIEGE Demands for investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes [news story]

Article: "Demands for investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes"
Source: Russia Today
Excerpt(s): With ever-increasing violence and pictures of civilian casualties within Gaza, there have been increasing calls from organisations around the world for investigations into whether Israel has committed war crimes. These have included United Nations relief agencies and international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International. Israel denies it has committed war crimes and rejects the need for any investigation. However, there have been calls to make some Israeli generals answer allegations at the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, in the same way that politicians and military figures from the former Yugoslavia were. “What we see happening every day is definitely tantamount to a war crime. The killing of children, women and innocent civilians is happening every day,” said Dr. Rafiq Al Husseini, Chief of Staff of the Palestinian Authority, to RT.
Link to Full Story: http://www.russiatoday.com/news/news/35885
Picture from Russia Today, originally captioned: A Palestinian woman cries after the death of relatives in front of the morgue in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza city (AFP Photo / Mahmud Hams)

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