09 January 2009

MEDIA EAST & WEST CONTINUES TO CONFUSE GAZA DEBATE “Debate: Diplomacy enforcing military action?” [video]

Debate: Diplomacy enforcing military action? (~9.5 min.):

Researcher #1 asks you to please note the following about this video: At 8 min. 17 sec. into this discussion a bar comes on the bottom of the screen, showing 660 people have been killed; 2,950 people injured. Tarazi and Bishara continue to speak of the 'political situation' in Gaza as if people being blown up by bombs and limbless tragedies laying on debris with the murdered and burnt alive is just some political maneuvering in a game! At the end Tarazi in effect says Israel simply winning a battle could lead to wars in the region shows that language is useless and morally inept when looking past murder and war towards a bigger picture.

Researcher #2 responds: I agree. They are playing the insipid game of telling a “kings and courts” version of history, wherein the vast majority of people are referred to, when they are mentioned at all, as pawns… In this video it is clear that members of the mainstream “Arab media,” as is so common in “the West,” suffer from the ailment of (i.e. use the propaganda technique of) babbling about insignificant but complex details therefore avoiding discussion of too horrific and/or incriminating subjects.

YouTube Description from AlJazeeraEnglish: Are diplomatic efforts to bring about a ceasefire in Gaza simply supporting Israel's military offensive? Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera's political analyst, and Michael Tarazi, a former legal advisor to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, debate the key issues.

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