13 January 2009

WORLD DENOUNCES GAZA SIEGE Saudi: Gaza raids 'racist extermination' [news story]

Article: "Saudi: Gaza raids 'racist extermination'"
Source: PressTV.ir
Excerpt(s): Saudi Arabia accuses Israel of 'racist extermination' in its attack on the Gaza Strip, which has so far left thousands killed and wounded. "The cabinet said the extermination Israel is launching upon the Palestinian people in Gaza has denuded Israeli leaders of humanity and places their policies in the ranks of racist extermination," a statement issued by the Saudi royal court and published by the state-run SPA News Agency said. Israel targets the coastal region with phosphorous bombs as resistance fighters prevent Israeli forces from advancing into the enclave. White phosphorus, classified as 'chemical weapon' by the US intelligence, is an inflammable material that causes horrific burns, severe injuries or even death when it comes in contact with human skin.
Link to Full Story: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail.aspx?id=81987&sectionid=351020205
Picture from Press TV, originally captioned: Medics warn that Israel is testing a new 'extremely nasty' type of weapon in Gaza.

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