10 October 2008

VIDEOS Noam Chomsky & Max Keiser interviewed by Afshin Rattansi 10 October 2008 - "Chomsky is out of touch, tired and irrelevant..."

Note by the HBAF research team: Noam Chomsky is out of touch, tired and irrelevant... to listen to him speak now, on any subject, is to listen to him hanging onto the same ladder that gave him his prior relevance from days gone by and which maintains his elitist position at M.I.T. It is nothing short of infuriating. From his opinion about 911--" Who cares...", to his useless opinions in the interview below with Max Keiser on Press TV, his unimportance today is astonishing. Just listen to him sound as though he refuses to understand anything. He makes it sound as if America is not only abundantly resourceful, and Paulsen does not manipulate the market because it would not benefit him, but also in the end America is so militarily powerful that the whole world combined merely equals us?! So the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, etc., etc., even back in his time, Vietnam didn't manage to fight back against American hegemony?!!! Did the American military, with all it's might mean anything but horrible murder for no reason?!!! He is an insult to human beings. I'm sorry but I used to like him. He seemed like a great ladder on which to climb to get to the high ground and see the manipulation and propaganda that the media uses to distort our understanding of the world. But the water levels have risen and to stay with Chomsky now is to drown.

Afshin Rattansi talks to Noam Chomsky & Max Keiser 10.10.08 - Part I:

Afshin Rattansi talks to Noam Chomsky & Max Keiser 10.10.08 - Part II:

P.S. - Max Keiser is ON!

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