10 October 2008

Outstanding, Free DOCUMENTARIES. Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist: Addendum--Think BIG. Think HUGE!!! See Through The System... My Highest Recommendation.

Zeitgeist the movie, released in 2007, is among my absolute favorite DE-PROPAGANDIZING films. By "de-propagandizing" I mean that it aids in the process of un-educating (releasing one's mind from the control of propaganda) and re-educating (aiming towards real knowledge) oneself. It breaks down myths, and provides real facts that you, if your education was anything like mine, never even heard of in school. The aim is to clean one's slate and start anew. I, at one time, thought I was quite smart--full of facts that I memorized from teachers and textbooks; that was NOT true knowledge, and if anything it was a hindrance to my real "higher learning." What do Christianity, 9/11, and international bankers have in common? Watch and see...

ZEITGEIST the Movie, Final Cut (~122 min.):

This second film from the same maker, Zeitgeist: Addendum, released about a week ago, goes even further into the maze of our present Zeitgeist, the spirit of our times, revealing even more about the insipid monetary system which is, along with physical violence, at the basis of the oppression of humanity. The film then goes onto propose several alternative ways in which we might BE in this world.

I am a great advocate of the original Zeitgeist film embedded above, however I do have significant reservations about this second one. In particular, it advocates a society based upon the implantation of highly technological, global system--what they call a resource-based economy. The maker, I believe, clearly intends and hopes that such a society would be egalitarian in every sense of the word, but I am concerned that such a society might inherently be or become just another class system, a new world order "technocracy" as Alex Jones calls it, wherein only a few have such access to higher technology, and where the rest of us would be left out, or even killed due to "uselessness."

Nonetheless, I definitely still recommend watching this second film (AFTER watching the first), just as I advocate the watching of many films with which I do not completely agree with. It is certainly food for the thought, and diverse thinking is exactly what this world needs now. This film certainly gets outside the box of propaganda-driven thinking... So enjoy, but as always, keep thinking critically! Individuals thinking freely, rigorously, and highly skeptically, and then ACTING is the answer.

ZEITGEIST Addendum, just released! (~123 min.):

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