06 October 2008

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Afternoon Edition, All About the Earth

Humans vs. Every "Other"

A quarter of the world's mammals are at risk of extinction due to threats from mankind
Full article: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2008/1006/breaking63.htm
Excerpt(s): A quarter of the world's mammals are at risk of extinction due to threats from mankind, according to an international survey by 1,700 experts published today... Worldwide, the Red List comprises 44,838 species, of which 16,928 are considered threatened, or 38 per cent. Groups such as amphibians are far worse off than mammals. "Within our lifetime hundreds of species could be lost as a result of our own actions," said Julia Marton-Lefevre, director general of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which compiles the Red List.

Governments vs. The People

Germany to allow domestic military deployment
Full article: http://dprogram.net/2008/10/06/germany-to-allow-domestic-military-deployment/
Excerpt(s): Germany’s governing coalition partners want to change the constitution to allow for military deployment within the country if needed to combat terrorism, officials said Monday... Currently, the German military can be deployed within the country only in times of war, or to help with emergencies or natural disasters... Merkel’s government at the time defended the deployment as necessary to secure the area and provide technical and logistical support for police. But the opposition Greens party criticized it as “a creeping breach of the constitution.”

America in Crisis: Are we preparing for martial law?
Full article: http://dprogram.net/2008/10/06/america-in-crisis-are-we-preparing-for-martial-law/
Excerpt(s): For the second time since Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, an active Army unit –1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division — has been set up to quell civil unrest and do crowd control within our borders. And this time it’s a permanent mission... So what’s going on? A recent report in The Army Times... stated that the 1st Brigade Combat Team would be deployed within the country and would work with civil authorities to “put down civil unrest.” The Army says this mission is ongoing and active duty units will be rotated in and out of the country. The commander of this unit, Col. Roger Cloutier, also said that his troops will be trained to use nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing them... The package includes equipment to raise a hasty road block, spike strips for slowing, stopping or controlling traffic; shields and batons; and beanbag bullets. It doesn’t stop there...

News from and about Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia and the USA

No military victory possible in Afghanistan - UN
Full article: http://www.irishtimes.com/world/
Excerpt(s): The war in Afghanistan cannot be won militarily and success is only possible through political means including dialogue between all relevant parties, the United Nation's top official in the country said today... Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith said if the Taliban were willing to talk, that might be "precisely the sort of progress" needed to end the insurgency. "I've always said to those that talk about the military surge ... what we need most of all is a political surge, more political energy," Kai Eide, the UN special envoy to Afghanistan, told a news conference in Kabul...

Israel: Russia destabilizing Middle East
Full article: http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=71444&sectionid=351020202
Excerpt(s): Prior to a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to Russia, Barak called on Moscow to "play a positive role in the Middle East peace process, instead of providing weapons system which could destabilize the area," Ynet reported. The Defense Minister made the remarks amid claims by the Israeli media that Moscow is to provide Iran with its most advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile system.

Russia denies knowledge of Middle East missile supplies
Full article: http://en.rian.ru/russia/20081006/117466621.html
Excerpt(s): The Russian arms export monopoly has no information about reported Russian surface-to-air missile deliveries to the Middle East, Rosoboronexport said on Monday. "The company has no knowledge about plans to deliver Russian SAM S-300 missile systems to Syria and Iran," a company spokesman said.

Israeli settlers attack olive harvesters near Tulkarem
Full article: http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m47765&hd=&size=1&l=e
Excerpt(s): As the olive harvest season begins in full swing, Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians harvesting their olives are on the rise as well... In recent weeks, according to the head of the Ar-Ras village council Eid Yasseen, Israeli authorities have set fire to large areas of Palestinian olive groves and agricultural fields. The areas where attacks are taking place are near Israeli settlements that have been established in recent years in Palestinian ancestral land in direct violation of international law and signed agreements. The settlers want to expand their developments and with the help of the Israeli army continue to destroy Palestinian land near the settlements in order to push Palestinians out and continue their expansion. The Palestinians, with no military force and no legal recourse, are powerless to stop the settlers' policy of 'might makes right'. In Nil'in village, Israeli activists from Rabbis for Human Rights, who were accompanying Palestinians in the olive harvest, were attacked by Israeli settlers trying to prevent the olive harvest from taking place... eyewitnesses reported seeing Israeli settlers, accompanied by soldiers, beating Palestinian olive harvesters and driving them back, out of their lands, thus preventing them from accessing their olive groves to harvest their olives.

US behind terrorism in tribal areas
Full article: http://www.daily.pk/national/nationalnews/7694-us-behind-terrorism-in-tribal-areas.html
Excerpt(s): Declaring ongoing war at international level between truth and false, Islam and Kufr (incredulity), Ameer Jamat-e-Islami (JI) NWFP Siraj-ul-Haq has said that those who tries to skip from that war would be vanished. US is executing terrorism activities in Swat, Bajaur, Waziristan and different areas of the country to destabilize Pakistan so that it could end Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, he said this while addressing Eid Milan Party organized by JI on Sunday. Pakistani rulers have also joined hands with Washington for allegedly destroying the country in the name of terrorism, he said, adding that, political leadership are also involving army in their nefarious design. Siraj-ul-Haq alleged that incumbent rulers would hand over tribal areas and NWFP to US soon but we would defend our land till last drop of blood...

Outstanding Research on What Really Happened

From the ridiculous to the sublime...
Full article: http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/hanjour.html
Excerpt(s): The above brings up a question about the [9/11/2001] Pentagon impact. How could a first time flyer [Hani Hanjour] who "could not fly at all" fly faster and more precisely than a NASA research pilot who'd had numerous practice flights at his objective?

The Implosion of the Economies of Deception

World economic crisis: France moves into recession
Full article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/oct/03/globalrecession.france
Excerpt(s): The French premier, Francois Fillon, today warned that the world was "on the edge of the abyss" as his country moved into an official recession. Fillon's comments, blaming an "irresponsible" financial system, came... on the eve of today's emergency summit of EU leaders in Paris to try to find collective ways of restoring confidence... "We do not rule out any option to guarantee that no banking institution will be forced into bankruptcy. The state will intervene each time it's necessary to secure our banking system," he said. However, opposition from other governments has ruled out a US-style bail-out plan. European governments have this week mounted rescue operations for several banks.

Never Mind Lisbon, Europe Is Dead
Full article: http://www.ukcolumn.org/2008/10/06/never-mind-lisbon-europe-is-dead/
Excerpt(s): Germany has joined Ireland and Greece in declaring that private citizens’ savings will be protected by the state. In doing so, they seem to have dealt a massive blow to the very foundations of the Tower of Babel that is the Maastricht Treaty. At the very least, they have exposed European monetary union for the joke that it is... By acting unilaterally, they have effectively decided that Maastricht isn’t worth the paper its written on. In fact, they have admitted that the only mechanism for dealing with the current financial crisis is via the sovereign nation state. Can the EU survive under these circumstances?

Iceland stops trading "...while awaiting an announcement."
Full article: http://www.omxnordicexchange.com/newsandstatistics/marketnotices/Article/?msgId=674689&lang=en
Excerpt(s): OMX Nordic Exchange Iceland... Announcement... Trading Halt with all financial instrument issued by following companies... EXISTA, GLB, KAUP, LAIS, STRB, SPRON... This decision is made in order to safeguard the equality of investors while awaiting an announcement.

The End of Arrogance: America Loses Its Dominant Economic Role
Full article: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,581502,00.html
Excerpt(s): George W. Bush has grown old, erratic and rosy in the eight years of his presidency. Little remains of his combativeness or his enthusiasm for physical fitness. On this sunny Tuesday morning in New York... at the United Nations General Assembly... [he] talked about terrorism and terrorist regimes, and about governments that allegedly support terror. He failed to notice that the delegates sitting in front of and below him were shaking their heads, smiling and whispering, or if he did notice, he was no longer capable of reacting. The US president gave a speech similar to the ones he gave in 2004 and 2007, mentioning the word "terror" 32 times in 22 minutes. At the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations, George W. Bush was the only one still talking about terror and not about the topic that currently has the rest of the world's attention. "Absurd, absurd, absurd," said one German diplomat... There is another way to put it, too: Bush was a laughing stock in the gray corridors of the UN... A new America is on display, a country that no longer trusts its old values and its elites even less: the politicians, who failed to see the problems on the horizon, and the economic leaders, who tried to sell a fictitious world of prosperity to Americans. Also on display is the end of arrogance. The Americans are now paying the price for their pride.

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