08 February 2009

A letter. [update 12 Feb 08]

UPDATE 12 Feb 08: Solution forthcoming within 24 hrs. if it kills me... Press on each day! ~Human beings are FREE!

Dear Fellows being,

I must extend a heartfelt apology to all of y’all for the lack of new content on the blog as of late. Excuses that one (not me, of course!) might give for this lack are several and significant, BUT to cut all that off short, here I will just vent my anger over the rate at which I burn through computers and be done with it: AAAAAARRGGHHHH!

All right! … moving along NOW.

Be that as it is, updates to HBAF are (yet again) temporarily on hold while this resource issue is rectified.

Thank you again for your continued visits, referrals, and especially for your commentary (including criticism!) and notes of encouragement. Let’s keep cranking up the pressure on the gears of the so-called “machine”; as for these bloggers in particular, we’ll be back ASAP! Please do keep us in mind. Best wishes to everyone!

Free human beings in Louisville, Kentucky and Beyond

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